Love (a Creative Assignment)

Well, here I go. Nikki, I’m taking the PenguinPrompt! This assignment speaks to my life, it’s way past time for a new post, and Karma Knits Love, so here I go! [If you don’t know Nikki’s blog, check it out! It’s a wonderful place]

Love, the word, has so many sides to it. My son graduated from high school on Saturday, and one of the speakers at the ceremony is a high school English teacher who spoke beautifully about platitudes. She gives students an assignment to take platitudes and write about how they are used and what people may mean when using them. The phrases “I love you,” “Love makes the world go around,” or “Share your love” can each be seen as a platitude. People say them frequently, and these phrases are printed on t-shirts, greeting cards, posters for walls, and coffee mugs. But what does a person really want to communicate to another when they use one?

As a grandmother, I say “I love you” to my granddaughter often. She’s not yet 2, so it’s a familiar, kind phrase that I say to her and love to hear back – although 3 words in one breath is a bit much, she’s still working on “peanut butter” which comes out more as “pee-dat-buh-duh.” But when I say, “I love you” to my granddaughter, it is said because I do love her in the best sense of the word.

As a wife, I learned early that my husband is suspicious of too many “I love you” statements from a person. A former lover showed him that over using this phrase can be an attempt at manipulating another. Thus, he is more impressed by acts of kindness and love than by constantly saying “I love you”. And so it goes for the other phrases about Love. I’ve seen wonderful people say “Share your love” and encourage people to do acts of kindness that benefit others. Sadly, I’ve also seen people use the phrase for their cheesy, self-centered, egotistical benefit.

Why can one word be both wonderful and dangerous? Because it is such a basic, natural part of our existence. My granddaughter was born into a room where there were 5 adult family members ready to receive her with love. Her father was so excited for her to be arrive, he cried tears of happiness when she was born. It was the first emotion we showed her. She’s almost 2, so for nearly 700 days she’s been shown an enormous amount of love by so many people ( she has a lot of people in her life).

pink heart blurredWriting about Love brings me happiness thinking how wonderful the example of my granddaughter is. It also brings me sadness because this feeling of being loved by others doesn’t stay as it is for my granddaughter now. There are life phases when it’s hard to remember how loved you are. This is where I come in – the purpose for knitting love is to give another human being a reminder that they are loved.

This gesture started after the 2016 election – the great divide where people were on one side or another, it became “us” and “them”, most people were finding more to dislike about each other than to like about anything. And so I knit many hearts, took them to work, and passed out Love to my co-workers. I told each co-worker as I gave them their heart in person:  “I’m passing out love today” – and I genuinely meant it. People were stunned at first, then smiled, and I got a hug from many of them. This small act helped people to re-boot and remember how we were before the divide.  It was my way to show love.

I am honored that Debbie asked me to connect this to her ForgivingFridays initiative. Please check out her blog – she’s wonderful ❤    ForgivingConnects

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25 thoughts on “Love (a Creative Assignment)

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  2. Hello to you,
    I think this is a special post. Your little granddaughter is very blessed and I really admire your knitted hearts with the gesture to accompany it…a lovely contribution to Nikki’s prompt about this special word… love.
    Di 🌹🌹

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Di ❤
      My newest inspiration is to knit friends who need a boost a personalized superhero. They come with a message of "you can do it!" I hope to post about them soon – keep forgetting to get a photo before they are given!

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      • Hello Betsy (thank you for letting me know your name here)
        You are very welcome. It was a beautiful post.
        Your new inspiration sounds awesome and if I can assist you in any way by sharing it on my blog, please let me know. I’d love to spread your kindness around.

        May I be your reminder…’take a photo before distribution…’
        Wishing you all the best,
        Di 💕

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      • Hello Di,
        Thanks for the reminder 😄 Part of my not taking a picture is I tend to complete projects at night and tell myself I will take a photo in the daylight. But I get excited about sharing it and poof, I forget. Fortunately with the latest one, it’s at work, so I just need to remember there!
        I so appreciate that you read and commented my blog 💖
        Happy Weekend!

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      • You’re very welcome Betsy… I thought it may prompt you when you got around to reading my message. It sounds like you have this one covered at work this week 🙂
        I understand about getting excited… sharing the goodness. I can imagine why.
        Wishing you a lovely week as it’s now my Monday morning here in Australia.
        Until next time…
        Di 💕🌹

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  3. Cyranny, the heart idea was a complete spur of the moment inspiration. I was responding to the mood of the office over the week, and on that Friday evening there was a video on my feed of a gnome knitting a heart and the heart rising into the air – over and over. I stared at it for a minute or two, moved on to another blog, and then it hit me – to knit hearts. I wasn’t looking or even thinking about doing something until that moment.
    If the inspiration can sneak up on me, it can do that to you also 🙂 ❤


  4. God, I am really touched by this post. It reminds me of the Rumi quote, “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” YOU just demonstrated that field with such beauty. Thank you.

    I’d love for you to contribute this – or another post – to Forgiving Fridays, if you are so called. It’s a prompt where I encourage and invite readers to share anything about forgiveness that inspires them (including qualities of forgiveness and that result from it for them). Anyway all you need to do is include #ForgivingFridays in your tags & do a pingback to my most recent post (here it is:

    Hope you have a marvelous week, and big hugs to your granddaughter …. and kind actions for your husband! Debbie

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    • Wow, Debbie ❤ I am so humbled by your words. Thank you!
      I am honored and happy to connect this with your ForgivingFridays initiative. It didn't occur to me that this or any of my other blogs are contributing to forgiveness, but I can see it when I squint 😀
      Thank you, again, for your kindness. Have a wonderful week!

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      • Your blog definitely contributes to forgiveness! To show the many faces of love is the essence (from my perspective anyway). You are so honoring of how forgiveness and love can mean different things for different people. Thank you again. You inspired compassion in me. Truly! 🙂 Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Debbie

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