I’m Still Here

Welcome to 2019, I think. It still feels so weird to say 2019! It’s kind of a big year for me, but more on that in another blog. I hope you’re warm and dry if you’re in the northern hemisphere, and cool and comfortable if you’re in the southern hemisphere.

So, Am I Knitting?

Yes! I am knitting a sweater for my granddaughter. I started it in September, and there is no excuse for it not showing up at Christmas. But – in my defense – she keeps growing. So, I added an inch to each arm and more than an inch to the length. Here it was in progress:


It’s bright pink – and this girl LOVES her bright pink. This is an old picture. Currently, it only needs a collar, blocking, and done! There will be more pictures then. Oh, this is the So Faded Pint Sized by Drea Renee Knits. Love this designer!

What Other Fiber Pursuits Have There Been?

You may remember that we just came through “the” holiday season (tho you may be trying to forget).

So, of course, there was a fiber activity for the holidays. An adorable wee hat on a social media site had grabbed my eye earlier in the autumn. It was put up by the friendly folk at PostStitch with a free pattern available during the holidays. The hat has a fashionable pompom and is made of yarn – so what’s not to love? When I sat down to knit some up, I realized there was no knitting involved, and it was a quick and easy craft! Once made, the hats fit atop a bottle – wine, olive oil, honey, take your pick. They would make anything a present:


So, I put them on top of small honey jars, and each person in the office where I work received one. What a sweet and easy craft! Oh, one of the hats went astray after it was taken home:


He’s not my biggest fan now………

What’s Next?

First the pink sweater will be finished. Soon. Very soon. I’m sure….I think.

Then, the people who plan our school’s auction have requested more wee gnomes and fairies to use with a fairy house as a bid item.

Also, there are a few people who need their own SuperPerson. These are wee knitted folk who remind the recipient of her super-powers. Once I’ve made one, you will see it here – so stay tuned!

And, if it’s possible, I really really need a new sweater. My favorite one blew a hole through an elbow…a big hole…waaaa! I will probably fix it somehow, but it will become a keep me warm only at home sweater. It will keep me cozy while I make a new sweater – unless I’m KIPping (Knitting in Public). Then I may wear another.

Oh, does anyone else feel like January is whooshing by at a dizzying speed?

Trying to stay grounded!


A Week to Recover


Where Does A Knitter Start?

“Be careful what you wish for!” I wished to learn more about blogging, I wanted details, I needed resources, the blog can be better. Plus, it’s been too long since I learned something new.

Wow, did WordCamp Sacramento sock it to me!

Now to put it all into action. It would be easy to just focus on the computer and blog side – but there must be knitting! So, knitting wins the coin toss. Then comes playing with the WordPress program!


What’s It Like at WordCamp?

An overload of things to see, to do, to try, and so many people to meet. Here’s a sampler of what happened Saturday and Sunday:

  • Had the opportunity to take a beginner class during each teaching period – but could also choose others – 15 classes total
  • Asked vendors questions about their products face to face
  • Met lots of cool people both programmers and bloggers (some are both!)
  • Great Food
  • I was inspired with ideas for new blog posts
  • More great food
  • Learned there is a WordPress MeetUp in my area once a month! Woot!
  • Went to the Happiness Bar and Help Desk for great, free, WordPress help – face to face
  • Took advantage of a networking opportunity  where we were taught the basic process and then practiced it
  • More food
  • More ideas for blogging
  • Met tons of people who work with WordPress websites
  • And the priceless outcome:  my geek son was Very Impressed by  the tons of swag from cool companies

Did I mention how great it was to be learning something new? It’s that same satisfaction that I get from knitting – making new projects can be so satisfying because it’s new. No matter how many projects one has done, there is always a little bit learned in making something from a new pattern. Those little challenges in new patterns are learning opportunities.


Heading to WordCamp Sacramento 2018!

I know, you thought a yarn avalanche occurred and they were still trying to dig me out, yes? Sorry to cause worry! So much happening, so much changing, what to do? Knit, of course:

Hotdog August 2018 650px

It’s amazing how the smallest things can be the most challenging knits. But, if I over think every wee detail and keep trying to knit the ear in the “perfect” spot or sew in eye in just the “right” spot, it takes longer than planned. It’s a battle of the “it must be perfect” mind versus the mind that knows with each little variation comes personality. When this wiener dog came off the needles, he was so cute that I didn’t know whether to eat him or take him for a walk!

This weekend is going to be full of learning and opportunities – WordPress is in town and holding the annual WordCamp Sacramento convention. Last year I heard about it right after it happened. I’ve had my ear to the ground ever since, and when they first announced that preparations had begun, I got on that mailing list asap! I’m going to soak up everything they can show me about making a fine fine blog. Then there are the peeps, the blogging peeps! I hope to meet lots of those blogging geniuses! More learning, more friends, what could be better?

I’m not sure how many of you are still listening to this channel, but if you are, thank you! Thanks for not giving up on the long silence – I am here, and I will be showing you the reports of a bright pink sweater. Stay tuned!

Love (a Creative Assignment)

Well, here I go. Nikki, I’m taking the PenguinPrompt! This assignment speaks to my life, it’s way past time for a new post, and Karma Knits Love, so here I go! [If you don’t know Nikki’s blog, check it out! It’s a wonderful place]

Love, the word, has so many sides to it. My son graduated from high school on Saturday, and one of the speakers at the ceremony is a high school English teacher who spoke beautifully about platitudes. She gives students an assignment to take platitudes and write about how they are used and what people may mean when using them. The phrases “I love you,” “Love makes the world go around,” or “Share your love” can each be seen as a platitude. People say them frequently, and these phrases are printed on t-shirts, greeting cards, posters for walls, and coffee mugs. But what does a person really want to communicate to another when they use one?

As a grandmother, I say “I love you” to my granddaughter often. She’s not yet 2, so it’s a familiar, kind phrase that I say to her and love to hear back – although 3 words in one breath is a bit much, she’s still working on “peanut butter” which comes out more as “pee-dat-buh-duh.” But when I say, “I love you” to my granddaughter, it is said because I do love her in the best sense of the word.

As a wife, I learned early that my husband is suspicious of too many “I love you” statements from a person. A former lover showed him that over using this phrase can be an attempt at manipulating another. Thus, he is more impressed by acts of kindness and love than by constantly saying “I love you”. And so it goes for the other phrases about Love. I’ve seen wonderful people say “Share your love” and encourage people to do acts of kindness that benefit others. Sadly, I’ve also seen people use the phrase for their cheesy, self-centered, egotistical benefit.

Why can one word be both wonderful and dangerous? Because it is such a basic, natural part of our existence. My granddaughter was born into a room where there were 5 adult family members ready to receive her with love. Her father was so excited for her to be arrive, he cried tears of happiness when she was born. It was the first emotion we showed her. She’s almost 2, so for nearly 700 days she’s been shown an enormous amount of love by so many people ( she has a lot of people in her life).

pink heart blurredWriting about Love brings me happiness thinking how wonderful the example of my granddaughter is. It also brings me sadness because this feeling of being loved by others doesn’t stay as it is for my granddaughter now. There are life phases when it’s hard to remember how loved you are. This is where I come in – the purpose for knitting love is to give another human being a reminder that they are loved.

This gesture started after the 2016 election – the great divide where people were on one side or another, it became “us” and “them”, most people were finding more to dislike about each other than to like about anything. And so I knit many hearts, took them to work, and passed out Love to my co-workers. I told each co-worker as I gave them their heart in person:  “I’m passing out love today” – and I genuinely meant it. People were stunned at first, then smiled, and I got a hug from many of them. This small act helped people to re-boot and remember how we were before the divide.  It was my way to show love.

I am honored that Debbie asked me to connect this to her ForgivingFridays initiative. Please check out her blog – she’s wonderful ❤    ForgivingConnects

Forgiving Fridays banner facebook

It’s a Donsy!

Yes, you read that right. It’s a donsy of gnomes. And it was so much work getting them to settle down for a photo. Really now, one would think the practical gnome would be able to do this. After all, they don’t have wings life the faeries. They are earth connected. But, no. It was just as hard to get them to stand still for a photo. They kept discussing the status of the plants – there’s been so much rain and the roots are begging for some air. Gnomes worry about such things. But I was finally successful.

20170415_172016Come to think of it, I wonder if it made a difference that three of them have a close relationship to champagne? All those bubbles…………  <3 <3 <3

The Gnomes and Faeries Set

Here is the third set I made for my school’s auction:

Gnomes and Faeries SetThis one was fun. The faeries are Mochimochiland’s Tiny Ballerina with the Tiny Angel’s wings and the Tiny Mermaid’s hair held down with a headband. I had so much fun making these sets (this is the third set – see my last 2 blogs for the others). Mochimochiland has so many other patterns, and I have more ideas from making these. Who knows what will come next…. <3 <3 <3

Animal Set

Here is the animal set I donated to our school’s auction.

Two tiny elephants,  2 tiny lions, 2 tiny Easter bunnies, 2 tiny chickens, 4 tiny sheep, some grass to play upon, and a bit of love. They fit into their blue quart sized mason jar for safe travels 😀